Monday, May 6, 2013

The government closed two private television Channels named Diganta and Islamic TV.

Finally the government of Bangladesh closed two other privately owned TV Channels named Diganta
and Islamic Television. The indecent took place just after the massive protest by the Islamist protesters of Bangladesh. A political party led by Hefajat e Islam. 

An Online news agency name BD News 24 reports that -the government made the move without citing any reason, an official of the private Diganta station said.

Its Chief News Editor Ziaul Kabir Sumon told to that a Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Authority team led by Director Colonel Sazzad Hossain came at around 4:20am on Monday

They said they were temporarily suspending the broadcast saying it was a government order, according to him.
No-one from BTRC could be reached immediately for comment.

"We asked them for papers. They told us you will get paper. Now cooperate with us. Then they stopped transmission at 4:24am," Sumon added.

“We were running news when they stopped transmission.”

A senior Jamaat leader Mir Quasem Ali is the Chairman of the Diganta Media Corporation which owns and operates The Daily Naya Diganta newspaper and Diganta TV.

Islamic TV also went off air ‘temporarily’, its Director Shams Eskander told

"We have stopped all transmission from 2.30am on Monday," Eskander said.

He said the law enforcers had come to their office at around 2am and asked them to close down before locking up the telecast centre.

The officials accused the law keepers of vandalism in the office but said they had not been served any formal notice to close down transmission.

BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia’s younger brother, late Sayeed Eskander, was the founding Chairman of the station. 

It could be mentioned that few days back the government closed the pro opposition newspaper named The Daily Amar Desh. Then its Printing press was closed following the arrests of its editor Mahmudur Rahman and other 19 staffs.

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