Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Web Site On Extra Judicial Killing In Bangladesh

By Anwar Hossain; In absence of the proper media initiative (both Print and Electronic) other electronic media that is New Media started campaign against the Extra Judicial Killing in Bangladesh. Despite the continuous death threat from Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), journalist are reporting against the Extra Judicial killing in Bangladesh in a 'self censored' way. which is not sufficient to create public awareness. In absence of the media freedom in Bangladesh and fear of being tortured now journalists have started creating websites and photo exhibitions and creating awareness through social networking sites.

It could be mentioned that several journalists were tortured by the RAB in Bangladesh. Since then the Journalists in Bangladesh are in danger and facing problem of being sued by the government or Indirect death threats by the Rapid Action Battalion. Recently two of the editor of the national daily news paper were threatened. Hiding their Name and ID the journalists in Bangladesh have started to blogging and campaigning. Journalist Jahangir alam akash was tortured by the RAB, FM Masum, the journalist of New Age tortured by the RAB. Two editors of different news paper were threatened by them. All these caused a fear of death and being tortured among the journalist in Bangladesh. since then they have started a new website on that name www.extrajuducialkilling.info.
to know more about the extra judicial killing in Bangladesh Visit www.extrajudicialkilling.info

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